Why do some vegetarians crave meat so much that they go back to it?


Fats, salt and sugar are extremely addictive and big businesses know this and use this to their advantage.  When you eat a burger it is the addictive properties in the bun that make you crave it.   When we give up smoking we also crave it but that doesn't mean we crave it because it is good for us, we crave it because nicotine is leaving your body.  Have you ever not had your usual coffee first thing in the morning? Well, the headache you get from missing it will remind you next time.  Just because you are craving something, doesn't mean it was good for you to begin with and therefore you have to go back to it. In fact, it means the opposite. Our body is detoxifying and our brain wants to compensate for the change.   Meat is acidic and unfortunately acidic foods are addictive whereas alkaline foods are not addictive at all.  

On a spiritual level we start craving meat 6 to 12 months after we have had extreme anger for a period of time while being vegetarian.  When we get this angry our spiritual immunity lowers.  It goes to the same vibration as meat eaters, and on that level, you will want meat again.  Ethical vegans rarely go back to eating animals. So far I have never come across an ethical vegan who went back to eating animals. 

My advice is to eat a lot of super foods like berries, tahini, avocado and protein foods like lentils, beans and tofu. Drink a lot of water and add a bit of Liquid Chlorophyll to it. 


How will I get my Vit B12, Protein, Calcium and Iron?

The meat and dairy industries and their propaganda, have lead us to believe that you must have animal protein, calcium and iron (and lots of it) to survive, build muscle, have healthy babies and so on. It is simply not true. Plant protein, plant calcium and plant based iron is not inferior or even scarce. Plant minerals and vitamins are abundant and if you’re eating a healthy, balanced vegan diet, you’re getting lots of it.   Don't forget that coffee, tea and alcohol leaches iron out of our body and animal protein leaches calcium out of our body.

Vit B12 is actually not a vitamin at all but a bacteria that our body makes in our intestine to fight agains dirt. So, therefore it is not found in animals or plants. We only need a very small amount of bacteria in our large intestine to produce vitamin B12. Where do you suppose plant eaters get Vit B12 from?  Well, they get it from eating greens. Tempeh, lentils, miso, sea vegetables, and other plant foods will activate the making of vitamin B12. 

Why not dairy?

In every bit of milk you drink and cheese you eat, there is blood, puss and huge amounts of bacteria. Nearly every cow has mastitis.

Despite our doctors telling us how healthy milk is, the fact is that milk causes searious health problems. Milk is extremely mucousy. It causes snotty noses, asthma and bronchitis, allergies and ear aches in children. It causes arthritis and stiffness in adults.  Humans can not absorb the calcium in cows milk.  It is acidic and a burden on our bodies.

So, where will we get our calcium from?  Well, cows and other vegan animals would say they get it  from the greens they eat. Humans can also get all their calcium from leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.

Research has proven that milk leaches calcium from our bones and increases fracture risk, which is why the countries with the highest rate of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk!

Also, the dairy industry is horrific. Calves are taken away from their mothers within hours of being born, they are fed milk substitutes and often sold as veal calves after spending months chained at the neck unable to walk, stretch their legs, and even turn around.

Cows are mamals just like us.  We naturally wean our babies from our breast milk because supply becomes less as our babies get older.  The same goes for all mammals like cows and goats. Mother cows are also forced to endure needless suffering and cruelty. The stress caused by poor conditions on factory farms lead to mastitis, lameness, disease, and reproductive problems rendering them useless at just 4-5 years old (their natural lifespan is 25 years) at which time they are sent to slaughter.

People think that cows need to be milked or else their udders will explode.  In other words, by milking them we are actually doing them a favor. This myth is a downright lie.

Cows only produce milk to feed their young. If they don’t have babies, they don’t make milk. Simple. To keep cows lactating, farmers impregnate them through artificial insemination once a year. This is a very traumatic process for the cows.

Milk is essential to baby calves in their first few months of life, but once weaned they will never drink milk again, and that’s the same for every mammal on the planet. Which is why it makes no sense for humans to be drinking milk.

This might be the incentive you need in order to help you ditch the dairy.






What evidence is there that a Vegan diet is best?

There is so much evidence. People who eat a plant based diet are healthier, have less cancer, lowest heart disease of all, are fitter, less overweight and the statistics speak for themselves.  Vegan food is naturally low in saturated fats and cholesterol. People who are vegan eat a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans, sprouts and salads.  When we look at people who need to eat well for their career, like  Athletes, we find that being a vegan makes them excel in their field.  All the nutritional properties that we need in order to be healthy are not man-made.  Every thing we need grows in nature. 

You don't believe in killing, what about the killing of plants?

Pain is a lower brain stem function that all animals, including fish, equally possess. According to our scientific knowledge, it takes a central nervous system to feel pain. A cow, chicken, or fish can suffer just as much as a dog. Unlike plants, animals scream when in pain and struggle to get away from oppression.

Some will argue that plants do feel pain. It has not been scientifically proven, but even if this were the case, a vegan diet would still cause the least suffering. If you eat animal products, you are actually killing more plants as the animals ate plants before slaughter. This wasted grain, which could be going directly to humans, is another excellent reason for veganism.

Another point is that by picking fruit we do not murder the tree or bush.  The opposite is true!  By picking apples, let's say, we encourage growth of the tree.  Other plants will go into seed and produce thousands of other little plants. For example: Lettuces will go into seed and so do plants like  herbs. Thousands of little plants will come up next season and the original plant dies naturally.  


We've eaten animals right through history, why stop now?

We have also killed people since day one.  If we have the belief that we should continue what we've done throughout history, why try to prevent the killing of people?  We grow, change, adapt and evolve all the time.  At one stage we thought the earth was flat, witches needed to be burned at the stake and having slaves was acceptable.  Today we cringe at the thought of what was considered normal not that long ago.  One day we will all cringe at the thought that we murdered 150 billion animals per year just to have a snack, while 75% of the food grown on our planet was to used to feed those animals while adults and children were dying of starvation every 4 seconds. 

We need to stop eating animals because there are no benefits to keep doing so.  It is bad for our health, it is bad for the environment, and it is bad for the animals.  The meat and dairy industries are polluting our planet and are incredibly cruel for the animals involved in them. 

Eating meat is no longer justifiable.




What is an Ethical Vegan?

An Ethical Vegan is conscious of how their actions affect the animal world, the environmnet around them, and those who are exploited for financial gain.  It is the path of the least cruelty.  They do not eat palm oil, they do not eat chocolate and they do not participate in activities such as horse riding. They only wear non-leather, eco-friendly shoes.  They avoid the beers and wines that are made using fish or eggs for clarification. Also avoided is refined white sugar which uses ground up bones from the slaughterhouse in the refinement process.  There is gelatin in tyres and film.  Some vegans avoid these products and some don’t.   Avoiding meat, dairy and eggs is a noble endeavor, no matter what degree you take it to or what you wear on your feet.

There are many levels to being a complete ethical vegan and not all of them are attainable but that doesnt matter. Ethical Vegans do the best that they can as they strive to make personal choices that will improve our world. 


Were you raised vegan and are you raising your children Vegan?

The loves of my life

I was not raised as a vegan.  However, I always wanted to eat just a plant-based diet because I did not want to eat my animal friends.  I was not given that choice which was horrific for me.  Therefore, my kids were raised vegan because I felt strongly that they needed to understand that they were eating animals which meant they were eating death.  With this understanding, it then becomes their choice to eat whatever they want to.   As a child I was never given that choice.  I had to fight for that right at a young age.

What happens if we all become vegan and we get overrun by animals?

The earth will always restore balance.  If we get overrun by animals then truly what difference does it make?  Questions like this stem from man's ego and his desire to picture himself above all other life on earth, instead of a part of the fabric of life, which he is.

Seriously, the world will take generations to become entirely vegan and the animal populations involved in large scale factory farming will decrease at the same rate as the decrease in animal product consumption.  

Is goat milk/cheese any better?

The goat industry is just as cruel as the Dairy industry. Goats get mastitis as well

The goat industry is just as horrific as the dairy industry. Goats are impregnated, their babies are taken away and the male goats are killed or just left behind the shed where they just die. Goats usually have two or three babies.  They are great mums and the bond between them and their babies remains for life.  I have goats myself and they are kind and smart, very playful and they love a cuddle. 

What is your view on Fermented foods?

I am not a fan of fermented food as much as it popular at the moment.  I like to eat food fresh, green and untouched. In this state food is Alkline.  Fermented food is acidic and there are no more vitimins and minerals left in the food as time,light, oxygen, vinegar, salt and sugar all distroys any goodnes that the food had when it was fresh.   I feel we need to be kind to our bowels and the sharpness of fermented food is harmfull.

Isn't it my choice to eat meat?

Could you eat this? Or would you rather have a handful of blackberries?

Yes, it is now, but was it your choice to begin with?   We are born vegan and our mother's milk is the only animal protein we will ever need.   Our parents introduce meat to us just as it was introduced to them.  They need to disguise it so it does not offend our naturally vegan palate.  They cook the animal, season the meat, cover the flesh with all sorts of different sauces because we don't like the taste or the look of a dead animal's flesh in the same way that a natural meat eater such as a lion does.

Imagine walking through a forest on a summer's day.  You see a squirrel scampering around the base of a tree looking for food.  What is your reaction?  You most probably think "What a cute little critter" or "How adorable is he."  You certainly don't pounce on the poor little creature and start ripping him to shreds with your teeth!

Now picture yourself walking by a bunch of wild blackberry bushes.  Your immediate reaction this time is "Yum! Look at all those beautiful blackberries just waiting to be eaten."  You can actually taste the blackberry in your mouth before you even eat one.

The first reaction or "gut" reaction is our true self, our natural body letting us know what it needs to function at it's absolte best.  We have stopped listening to what our body knows and tells us and based a lot of our decision making on all the external conditioning that has moulded us since the day we were born.

So, yes, it is our choice to eat what we want.  We just need to make sure that it is really what is best for our body and our health, and ultimately for our planet.

If the animal had a good life, what is wrong with eating it?

This is Lilly with her 3 babies. Ten years on, they are still very close. Look at the smile on her face

For starters an animal is either a she or a he, not an it.  Animals are individuals and should not be seen as food.  They are not our slaves and we can not own them.  We can be their guardian and look after them and give them love.  We must change the way we view animals.  The practise of eating animals is very ego based because we have plenty of other 'real' food to eat. Eating animals is also very bad for our health and it is detrimental to the environment.  Our pet dogs and cats also had a good life, but we do not eat them.  Why is a "good life" justification for us to murder a beautiful, innocent being that wants to live just as much as we do?