Sandra's Blog

28. May, 2014

Hi friends, I thought it might be fun to let you in on what Hayhouse's questions were to me in an interview about my book.  Let me know what you think. 

What is your book title?  So, Why Become Vegan? 

Please provide a brief description (2-3 sentences) of your book. This book will take you on a confronting and informative journey which will stimulate your thoughts, challenges old belief patterns, and allow your awareness to expand.  We look at issues like nutrition, the environment, ethics and spiritualism and how all this ties together in promoting global wellbeing which is in your best interest. 

Who is your target audience?  VIP’s I call them, Vegans In Progress!  My target audience are people who are not happy with their current lifestyle but they are not sure why or what is wrong. They may be a little overweight, a little lethargic or they might not be as happy as they normally are. Because I challenge people to expand their belief system, often people will have many ‘aha’ moments and that brings in new life, happier thoughts and starts the ball rolling in the right direction.  

How do you want the audience to feel after watching your interview? Inspired! but also a feeling of wow, if Im going to go up this path then life will not only change for me, but also for those around me.  I also want them to feel that this is something easily attainable and achievable. 

 What was your inspiration for writing this book? I wrote this book out of necessity really.  My children are young and have no interest in Nutrition.  I wrote the book the way I speak so when you read it you can actually  pretend that I’m speaking directly to you. I thought that was very important because by the time my kids will be inclined to read the book, I might not be here anymore.  Secondly, I have guided many people through a change of diet for 30 years and the interest into health is only getting larger. So these days people can buy my book and return to it anytime they feel they need a boost nutritionally or spiritually.   And ofcourse I owe it to my animal friends as silence is consent and I very much disagree with how the animals are raised, fed and treated.  

What message are you hoping your interview will convey?  I want people to be fiercely curious about everything they do in their life. For example: Do you know where your food comes from?  Do you know how many miles it had to travel in order to get to where you shop? How much water did it take to make that product? For example: 1 gallon of juice takes 3 gallons of water to make.  How processed is your  food?  Question everything you eat and drink but also look at the environmental damages you are causing by eating those foods.  Palm oil is a good example of this. 

 Overall, what are you hoping your Author Interview will accomplish? For Millions of People to buy my book ofcourse! We are a collective and we influence those around us. So, if you improve your life by eating healthier then your eating habits must change.  People around you will see you getting more energy, lose weight and be in a happier mood, so they too will want to change their eating habits.  There is absolutely no doubt that people who eat a plant-based diet are skinnier, healthier and have more energy, so why would you not want to read about how to improve your life?