My two year old Kale plant and me. This is my medicine cabinet.

Sandra Kimler (Spykers/Hersman) was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1964. She emigrated to Australia with her family in 1978, settling in the Kiewa Valley in Victoria. Through her mother Hennie Spykers-Hersman's influence Sandra received qualifications in nutrition and iridology studying the teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen. Having been a vegetarian from a young age, today Sandra is a vegan, passionate animal-rights activist, author and a devoted mother of three wonderful children.

Sandra currently resides near Byron Bay in northern NSW, Australia.

I grew up a sickly child. Asthma was the norm, earaches, snotty noses, allergies and hospitals was all part of my early to mid teens life. My mother was a problem solver and when my sicknesses could not be solved with conventional medicine, she took me to America to a Nutritionist named Dr Bernard Jensen.  He performed Iridology on me and said:  "You have a leaky gut, which is toxifying your body." "The good news is that it is caused by the foods you eat and therefore has to be healed by the foods that you will eat from now on."                                                                And that is what happened.  He cleaned out my putrid system by giving me green drinks to drink, eat wholesome food and lots of raw salads, sprouts, nuts & seeds. 

From this moment on my mother Hennie Spykers Hersman dove into nutrition and began healing the whole person, Body, Mind & Spirit.  I ended up working for her and together we treated many people who all just had one wish and that was to be healthy.