My Delicious Saladmaster Lunch!

11. Jun, 2014

This week I was privileged enough to be in the company of Carolyn Evens and Ana Perez from Saladmaster. Saladmaster helps people improve their health and cook delicious meals with the most advanced nutritional cooking system available.  This cookware is truly wonderful and beautiful. So, I was treated to a beautiful lunch that the 3 of us made with this lovely cookware.  Please check it out:

The food was beautiful and the reason why I agreed to do this was because their philosophy and message is the same as mine.  The way we cook our food is extremely important.  These are my cooking rules:  

  • Never cook in the microwave oven.  This is foodless food. The temperature in a microwave is much to high and kills all the nutrients. 
  • Use no water, or very little water.  If you must use water, then use that water afterwards  to make a soup or a sauce. 
  • Do not boil your food.  High temperatures will destroy any vitamins and minerals.  Food will still soften with a lesser heat and cooking this way allows you to keep all the nutrients in your meal.  Steaming also destroys nutrition as it is also very hot.  
  • Do not use oils because they are a burden on our body. 
  • Never cook with aluminium cookware.   Studies show that there is a link between Alzheimer's disease and aluminium.  If you cook with non-stick  cookware, then you will  have by-matter or chemical residue with your food as well.  You do not want to be taking in this toxic matter.  

When you decide to become healthy, then you’ll soon find out that there are many levels of being healthy.  If you indeed want the best for yourself then your cooking ware should also be of the best quality. The Saladmaster 316 Ti cookware provides the most healthy cooking surface of any cookware manufactured worldwide. You want cookware that offers maximum resistance to chemical reactions with the salts, acids, and alkalies in the food being prepared. This ensures that the food being served to your family contains no metal byproducts from chemical reactions with metals in the cooking process. 

This is what it all comes down to:  When you change your diet for the better, you will want to change your cookware for the better, and Saladmaster has my tick of approval.

Photo: Carolyn Evens and Sandra Kimler making a wonderful meal with Saladmaster cookware