Springtime must do's

22. Sep, 2014

Don't we all love springtime?  The shortest day is behind us.  Days are getting warmer and it is time to get back into the garden.   Take a cuppa outside and walk around the garden and make a list of all the things that need to be done.   Find out what seedlings can be planted right now but also get your confidence up with sowing seeds yourself.  It really is a wonderful time of the year.  The sun is not too hot and that means we can go outside in the sun and get some VitD, which is so needed after winter.  Of course do not get sunburned. Use your own judgment. Our pigment is there to protect us from the sun so if we can get a little tan before summer then that is a good thing.   Food is plentiful this time of the year. Be happy to walk through your garden and pick and eat young lettuce leaves, tomatoes, parsley and other veggies that are growing.  Educate yourself on what you can grow in your area.  Enjoy, feel blessed, talk or sing to your garden. Life is really beautiful and our garden is an extension of this blessing