Feed your garden, Feed yourself

24. Sep, 2014

When we want our veggies to be pest-free we must increase the nutrients in the soil instead of spraying with a pesticide.  Did you know that the bad bugs actually do not like healthy plants?  If you have the bad insects in your garden, it means you need to feed the plant by adding nutrients to the soil.  You can mulch, use manures, and worm pee juice.  With mulch, be generous but do not go to close to the plant. With your manures, it is best to do this before you plant your seedlings and let it rest for a while, at least two weeks.  Fresh manure will burn your seedlings so dig it into your soil first and let it rest.  I use the worm juice straight in my garden and dig it through the soil before I put seedlings in.  An other way is to make a tea (Wormpeejuise and water) and this you spray over the plants.  I do not recommend to spray this over young seedlings as it can burn the leaves.  The colour should be that of tea.  Now here comes the exiting part!  When our veggies are organically grown, we actually can not eat anything healthier.  Eating from the garden increases our immunity.  Plants love it when we talk or sing to them and you can build a real relationship with your veggies.  Eat straight out of the garden. Raw is best because it keeps all the nutrients. Enjoy!