Springtime 9/11

September is officially the first month of Spring.  We've survived winter. Time to come out of our cave and embrace the new and wonderful that mysteriously lies ahead of us.

Today is September the 11th. A date that is widely known around the world as 9/11

I remember this day very well as so many of us do.  It was in 2001 and I was working with my mother at her health clinic.  Every one was numb. Do you remember that?  The whole world was silently waiting for instructions from President Bush for the next move.  Everyone was in shock even China was going to agree on whatever decision America was going to make.  For three days the world waited in silence.  Our clients talked about the tragedy that had occurred. I however, was very optimistic. Yes, of course the people responsible had to be punished for what they did, and yes, of course it was so sad to loose almost 3000 people, but underlying this tragedy was hope.  Hope that President Bush would declare World Peace. Everyone one was willing to do what ever was needed from them so that this would never happen again.  Imagine if Bush would have declared that from now on the whole world would sign a treaty that would state that from now on we would communicate our point across. From now on we would share our financial riches. From now on we would build economically viable and green villages, help each other, embrace each other and heal the hurts that we have caused each other. We could work together as one, despite our religious differences, despite our skin colour, despite our gender and gender preferences.  Imagine if the focus was on "What is right" instead of "Who is right".

But no, Bush declared a war on "weapons of mass destruction".  What good did that do?  I couldn't believe it.  I was so sure of my optimistic view.  But it never happened.  What did happened is that most of us started to embrace each other within our community.  Even when our government do not embrace refugees, we, the people do, even when gay marriages are not yet legal, we, the people embrace. We share our food and riches. We look for ways to help each other.  There is such a big shift in helping the environment and protecting species.  Love conquers all and if we, the people "Do" what is right instead of egotistically fighting for "Who" is right, than we will be ok in the end.  Change happens in the home and we, the people,  need to be the change we want to see as Mahatma Gandhi so elegantly put it.