Nutrition Mentoring

The Healthy have many wishes, and the sick just have one.

Every one benefits from nutritional knowledge but what if someone would take you through step by step to what to eat, buy, what to cook and help you develop healthy lifestyle habits? Food choices affect your health and I will listen to you closely to develop a specific program for your needs whether you have heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or you just want a consultation session to improve the level of your health. 

What to expect: We will have an One on One session, where I am going to ask you about your goals, hopes, and reasons for wanting to be Nutritionally guided. I'll ask you about your diet, lifestyle, energy levels and cooking habits. From here I'll send you a follow-up appointment  and pointers to help you start your life change straight away. Please know that I'll be there for you every step of the way. This is a partnership.  Our goal is to create a plan that suits you and your eating habits and lifestyle but in a much higher level of health and wellbeing.  It can be a big change and also overwhelming,  and often we miss out on vital nutrition because we just don't know what to eat in order to receive the right amount of nutrition. I specialise in vegan nutrition and I'll be happy to help you. 

What to expect?: What you can expect is to start feeling better because toxins will leave your body.  Your immunity will increase and you will start feeling stronger. There is no need to miss out on your favourite foods (we'll just tweak it), and learning about healthy eating should be a joy. 
How many sessions will be needed?: Most clients come usually for two to three sessions and than a couple of follow-up sessions 2 and 6 months later.  
How much will it costs?:  Nutrition counselling can be a very cost-effective investment in your long-term health. If better nutrition enables you to increase your health, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in medications and other care down the road. The plan is to get you into better health that you can maintain yourself. Nutrition Counselling goes for an hour and costs $125 per session.  Within 24 hours of your appointment you'll get an email that includes a write up of what we have discussed, a Dietary plan and a health plan that is unique to you. 
Packages: I also offer packages which you might want to consider. 
1 month Package: $480 includes: 4 Skype sessions and 24/7 email communication.
As a Bonus, you'll receive Sandra's book: "So,Why Become Vegan?"  and as a Special Bonus, you'll receive on top of that Sun Love Greens 100gram jar.  Please check out
3 month Package: $1,399 Includes 12 Skype Sessions and 24/7 email communication.
As a Bonus you'll receive Sandra's book: "So, Why Become Vegan?"  and as a
Special Bonus, you'll receive on top of that the large 400 grams Sun Love Greens packet. 
If you do not look after your health, who will? 
Let your Health become a normal part of your lifestyle.
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